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We live in a world with God’s creativity all around us. We see unique beauty in the many things He created. Whether we look to animals, plants or people, we see God’s creative genius everywhere. Regarding people, we see the diversity of God’s handiwork in that 75-80% are neuro-typical — their brains are wired typically — while the other 20-25% are wired differently.

The world often considers these individuals to be disabled in some way. While I certainly understand this perspective, I can’t lose sight of the fact … Read more

Parking Problems

If you attended a large public community college or university, you may remember the trips round and round the parking lot looking for that elusive parking space. Some days, you never found it and had to park clear across campus. It was particularly frustrating if it was a hot day or a cold day or if you were late for class. Well, image your frustration level in such a circumstance and then imagine that scenario if you have an Autism Spectrum Disorder like Aspergers.

This situation was a reality for my son, Daniel, who does have Aspergers, as he began … Read more

Stones of Remembrance

I’m writing this from an airplane, high above the Peruvian Andes Mountains at the end of a ten day mission trip with my family. As is usual at the end of a trip like this, my mind is swirling with thoughts and my emotions are high. The main theme of my thoughts at this moment is “gratitude”, and I would like to take this opportunity to share a gratitude practice that I’m attempting to incorporate more regularly in my life as a way of combating negative thoughts of anxiety, depression, and scarcity.

Modern science is confirming what God has instructing … Read more