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We live in a world with God’s creativity all around us. We see unique beauty in the many things He created. Whether we look to animals, plants or people, we see God’s creative genius everywhere. Regarding people, we see the diversity of God’s handiwork in that 75-80% are neuro-typical — their brains are wired typically — while the other 20-25% are wired differently.

The world often considers these individuals to be disabled in some way. While I certainly understand this perspective, I can’t lose sight of the fact … Read more

Reality Check Needed

I usually write about what’s going on with Flory, my 12 year old tween. I’m happy to write that she seems to be doing well, for now, with the homeschool life. Her biggest issues, at present, are the normal issues that accompany puberty. Never thought I’d think that was a good thing!

Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit broken, tonight, because of what’s been going on with my son, Charlie. He’s Flory’s older brother by 21 months. Charlie has never been tested or diagnosed, but I have a gut feeling that he has ADHD (or at least is easily distracted).

Now … Read more

A Psalm for You…

Dear Reader,

You’re waiting intently……….(this is you waiting…….)
for the Lord;
He turns to you (He loves gazing at you)
and hears your cry
(He cannot, will not ignore your pain).
2 He (put His arms around you and) lifts you out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire (of your doubts, fears, dread);
He will set your feet on a


(because it’s safe, reliable, predictable)
and give you (as a gift)
a firm place to stand.

3 He will put a new song in your mouth (you’ve been sad so long…),
a hymn of praise Read more