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We live in a world with God’s creativity all around us. We see unique beauty in the many things He created. Whether we look to animals, plants or people, we see God’s creative genius everywhere. Regarding people, we see the diversity of God’s handiwork in that 75-80% are neuro-typical — their brains are wired typically — while the other 20-25% are wired differently.

The world often considers these individuals to be disabled in some way. While I certainly understand this perspective, I can’t lose sight of the fact … Read more

A Blessed Thing

In his book, A Loving Life, Paul Miller discusses what he calls, “the lost art of lament.” His discussion of Naomi’s grief over her loss hits the nail on the head when he says, “her grief and anger unsettle us and open doors to unbelief in our own lives. We’d rather quiet her with good theology. We think we’re comforting her, but maybe we’re trying to keep our own demons in place.”

Have you ever experienced this-someone dismissing your lament because they are clearly uncomfortable? If you have a hidden disability or you care for a family member with … Read more

Son of my womb!

Last month I wrote a letter (email) to my son….710 words. Definitely longer than a text.  


Yeah, I know. Daring move, since most grown sons would rather keep it short and sweet with their mama, because they’re pretty sure they’ve heard everything we have to say 1000 times, if not more.


So when I recently read Proverbs 31, I couldn’t help thinking, how did this mama get away with saying this?? –

The sayings of King Lemuel – an inspired utterance his mother taught him.

“Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb! Listen, my son, the … Read more