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We live in a world with God’s creativity all around us. We see unique beauty in the many things He created. Whether we look to animals, plants or people, we see God’s creative genius everywhere. Regarding people, we see the diversity of God’s handiwork in that 75-80% are neuro-typical — their brains are wired typically — while the other 20-25% are wired differently.

The world often considers these individuals to be disabled in some way. While I certainly understand this perspective, I can’t lose sight of the fact … Read more

Rock, Paper, Scissors

….Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles….I Corinthians 1:23 

I’m pondering Christ, the “stumbling block”, and reminded I never actually break God’s principles (they remain whole, intact, regardless of what I do)


I only break myself against them. Him.


This is no rock/paper/scissors competition, with a chance my flesh (self-will) can actually win THIS time, and the Rock will lose. Rock wins every time. Flesh bruises. Every time.


Case in point. It’s been 30 years and, believe it or not, I still want God to remove this hidden disability and all its ripples of suffering from … Read more

Sucker Punch

When you have kids, you’re guaranteed to cry.

You might cry when they hand you a mewing bundle in the delivery room, overwhelmed with the power of adoration you hold for the little person you’ve only just met. You might cry when you set them on the bus for the first time and the bus pulls away, a little face peering back to look at you, a little hand waving goodbye. You might cry the first time they drive a car (probably for fear they will wreck it), or when they walk the steps of a high school stage to … Read more