Shannon Royce (General concerns)

God has given me many wonderful blessings and some significant challenges.  Both are equally strong demonstrations of His love for me.

* I am a wife and mom.  I married a man who loves me and have been blessed with two great sons, both unique in their own way.

* I am a daughter.  I have godly parents who raised me to walk with the Lord daily.

* I am a sister.  I have two sisters and we have journeyed together more years than any of us want to admit.

* I am a friend.  I am blessed with a few really good friends.

* I am a lawyer (don’t hold it against me).  My work has been decidedly public policy in nature.

* I am a pro-family advocate.  I have had the privilege to work with some amazing leaders for some eternally significant causes.

* I am a lymphoma survivor. I have been bald and found out that “big Texas hair” may be an art form but one I no longer require.

* I am a marathoner.  After cancer I fulfilled a lifelong dream to run a marathon.  I learned that there is no better analogy for parenting a child or living with a family member with a disability than a marathon.

* Most importantly, I am a daughter of the living God, who was and is and is to come.  I am privileged to know Him and He is the sustaining grace of my life.

I am on a marathon journey, like you, to walk with God through the challenges and joys of disability.  Join me on the journey.